US Forest Service Open House on Stainislaus NEPA study 11/3/14

Posted By on Nov 4, 2014 |

Bear Valley Snowmobile along with a number of snowmobile supporters attended the US Forest open house last night in Sonora to discuss the 2015 start of a court mandated two year NEPA study of the over snow use of Stanislaus Forest. This study is the result of a settlement between Snowlands Network vs USFS, Case No. 2:11-cv-2921-MCE. Sue Warren, USFS Travel Management, and newly appointed Jeanne Higgins, Forest Supervisor, presented and listened to a number of concerns and potential solutions by the crowd. Stay tuned there will be more to come on this subject!

For Blue Ribbon Colalition’s press release on this subject and for more information check out: