Bear Valley Snowmobile in the News – VIP Service…12/1/13

Posted By on Dec 12, 2013 |

2014 Tundra on Trail with sled_VIP_exp1As reported by The Bear Valley Cub in their November 2013 issue:
Last year was the first year of the VIP Service offering where for a seasonal fee of $500 Bear Valley snowmobile will bring your machine down from your cabin so it is ready and waiting for you and your family when you visit.  Customers were kept to a minimum the first year to make sure they could work out all the kinks and ensure delivery of the level of service cabin owners expect and need when relying on snowmobile transportation to their home at 7000 feet.
Great news, the first year went off beautifully and customers have reported the main reasons they enjoy the VIP service:
1. Having a snowmobile trail packed down around their cabin to alleviate fears of getting stuck and having a place to park so as to stay out of the way of grooming snowcats
2. Emergency back up for the occasion when their snowmobile decides not to work when it is dark and cold and you want nothing more than to get up to your cabin – a very important feature for the family and friends who are not used to snowmobiles.
3. Having one of Bear Valley Snowmobile’s crew – namely Cody Sittner who does all the trail packing – ride by your cabin after every snow drop and reports any concerns or damages.  By the way, Cody Sittner’s snowmobiling skill and warm friendly personality has become the model for customer service at Bear Valley Snowmobile.
So there have been a number of changes for 45 year old Bear Valley Snowmobile, new services, happier employees, better rental location, improved mechanic staff, and upgraded Ski Doo and Klim gear dealership.  Just shows you with age comes wiser improvements!
For more information on Bear Valley Snowmobile’s VIP Service call 209-753-2323 or check out